Sarah Court

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This small riverside area is tucked between private properties just off of Fair Oaks Blvd. An access ramp and steps provide narrow river access to nearly everyone; secluded and little-known.

How to Get There

From U.S. Highway 50, take the Sunrise Blvd. exit north. Turn left at Fair Oaks Blvd. Make a left at Boyer Drive, then turn onto Sarah Court. Follow the brown-and-white signs to the parking lot.

A tree-dotted parking area gives way to a steep bank, while the ramp and steps lead to a small, rocky beach. This quiet spot may seem at times like your very own private beach.


  • Despite its small size, Sarah Court Access supports just about every riverside activity.
  • From the beach, park visitors can enjoy fishing, and nature gazing.
  • The vehicle access gates to the eleven-space parking lot are closed during the summer months, but pedestrian traffic is more than welcome.

Alcohol is prohibited at Sarah Court Access.

Respect for the neighborhood is also urged, and trespassers on the private land surrounding the park will be cited.