How a GoPro camera lost in Folsom Lake was reunited with its owner

A GoPro camera lost a month ago has been recovered from the receding waters of Folsom Lake and reunited with its Concord owner.

Jeff Dumm of Rocklin found the camera Saturday while on a morning hike with co-workers at Folsom Lake near Granite Bay. Once he got it home, he found out why it was at the shoreline mostly covered by sand.

Video on the camera shows two people on a jet ski beginning to tow a friend on a wakeboard, only the wakeboarder falls off. When the jet ski goes forward, the camera and cameraman go sailing into the water.

The video shows the waterproof GoPro Hero3 sinking with its lens facing down before hitting the bottom of the lake with a thud.

“It’s a really cool shot,” said Dumm.

Dumm posted some of the video on his Facebook page and social media took over from there. As of Monday, the video had 115,000 views and 600 shares.

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