Sewer pipe used as bridge on Carmichael trail to be blocked

A popular nature trail along Arcade Creek in Carmichael is about to become a little more difficult to access.

For decades, nature lovers and hikers on the Jo Smith Nature Trail have crossed over a sewer pipe that spans Arcade Creek near American River College.

Students who live nearby also use the crossing to get to the college.

“I just want to see it left open,” neighbor and avid hiker Siobhan Hutton said. “It’s beautiful, many people enjoy it, many people use it to go to school, I would just like to see it left open. I haven’t seen it harm anybody.”

When the pipe was installed in the 1960’s, railings were attached for safety reasons. The railings have been gone for years.

The Sacramento Area Sewer District owns the pipe and has decided the crossing is dangerous and will fence it off next month.

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