There’s a hidden danger at this popular Sacramento beach, water rescuers say

Crowds will be returning to Tiscornia Beach at Discovery Park this Memorial Day weekend.

And even with the cooler-than-normal temperatures this month, the Sacramento Fire Department’s water rescue team is sending out an early warning about a hidden danger at the popular cool-down spot.

“This is where drownings occur. People don’t realize it when they wade out how suddenly their footing drops off,” Sacramento Fire Captain Adam Watt said.

As the level of the American River drops throughout the summer, it’s possible for people and children to wade out to the middle of the river in knee-deep water.

“However, while you may be standing on almost flat surface, one step and you drop off into a super steep decline and it catches people unaware. And people who can’t swim or aren’t ready can go under and be swept into the fast-moving current,” Watt said.

Emergency officials stress the importance of wearing a life jacket to give water rescuers enough time to save potential drowning victims.

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