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Divers search for missing swimmer in American River near Auburn

State parks personnel and members of the Placer County sheriff’s dive team are searching for a swimmer reported missing in the American River near Auburn.

The swimmer disappeared near the confluence of the north and middle forks of the American River, a popular recreation area, late Tuesday morning, according an Auburn State Recreation Area staff member.

No details were available.

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Another dog bite on the parkway – this time by leashed dog

Another dog bite occurred Sunday along the American River Parkway, where some cyclists are concerned about owners not watching their animals closely enough.

A bicyclist and the dog owner were chatting near mile 3.5 on the parkway not far from Cal Expo about 3:30 p.m. Sunday when the bite occurred, according Sacramento County spokeswoman Kim Nava.

The man was bit on the face and the leg by the leashed dog. The dog was taken to the Sacramento County Animal Control shelter.

Sacramento County rangers interviewed the dog owner and the investigation into what occurred is ongoing, said Nava. The dog’s breed was unconfirmed.

“Evidently, all the parties were speaking to each other,” said Nava. “Something startled the dog and he bit the parkway visitor. They are still investigating exactly what happened.”

 The injured man was treated by Sacramento City Fire Department personnel. He later sought further treatment, Nava said.

While the dog in the Sunday incident was on a leash, Sacramento County rangers cite about a half-dozen people every month for not having dogs on leashes in county parks, including the American River Parkway.

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Search continues for boy who entered cold waters of the American River at Folsom

The search resumed Tuesday morning just downstream from the Rainbow Bridge in Folsom for a swimmer who jumped into the American River on Monday evening.

A 13-year-old boy jumped from a rock into the river at Negro Bar State Park and did not resurface, said Richard Preston, Folsom Lake superintendent.

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Pile of driftwood around Folsom Lake catches fire

A pile of driftwood caught fire Sunday morning at Folsom Lake, the South Placer Fire District said.

Firefighters responded to the lake in Granite Bay during the early-morning hours and were able to extinguish the flames.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

Large piles of driftwood and debris have collected along the lake’s shore, the Folsom Lake State Park officials said.

“Pretty much is a ring completely around the lake,” park superintendent Richard Preston said Thursday. “Came down from the reservoirs up above and some of the debris that’s been in the river systems for a number of years through the droughts, and it pretty much all just flushed down this year with large storms in January and February.”

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Most of American River Parkway Trail expected to reopen this weekend

Sacramento County park rangers have been able to clean up enough of the American River Parkway Trail that they expect to have at least 20 of the park’s 23 miles open this weekend.

The trail runs from Discovery Park, where the American River meets the Sacramento River, to the Nimbus Dam in Folsom.

The area that will remains closed will be the three mile stretch that runs through Discovery Park, which still remains under water. This stretch isn’t expected to reopen until late April or early May.

the Sunrise Recreation Area, the pedestrian bridge remains closed after water rose up and over the bridge in February damaging the railings. This was the highest it has been in 20 years.

“We decided to walk across the river and now we can’t, it’s honestly really annoying,” Andrew Lloyd said. Lloyd and a friend were forced to take the long way around on Sunrise Boulevard to reach Folsom.

Repairs aren’t expected to be finished on the bridge until late May.

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Crews rescue people from American River as water levels rise

Five people were rescued from the American River in the Sacramento area within four hours Thursday night, the Sacramento Fire Department said.

Officials increased flows out of Folsom and Nimbus dams Thursday afternoon, increasing water levels on the American River.

Around 6:10 p.m., crews rescued a man who was trapped on an island under the Highway 160 overpass at Del Paso Boulevard. He was taken to the hospital to get treatment.

A second person was rescued from the water at Del Paso Boulevard, the fire department tweeted around 7:10 p.m.

By 8:15 p.m., two more people were rescued from another island in the American River. The people were near Cal Expo at Ethan Avenue.

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Storms transform drought-thirsty California

It’s no secret California has suffered from a historic drought that has affected many of the state’s largest lakes and waterways.

However, recent storms and the precipitation they left have underscored just how significant an impact the drought has had on the thirsty state.

Here in Sacramento, Folsom Lake’s water level saw a drastic transformation, increasing to more than 560,000 acre-feet from lower than 200,000 AF in 2015.

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Folsom Lake rises 13+ feet

Folsom Lake continues to rise with the weekend’s rains, despite water managers releasing even more water downstream.


Folsom Lake stands at 422 feet.
The lake is up 13 feet since Sunday.
Releases at Nimbus Dam have doubled.
As of 5 a.m. Monday, Folsom Lake’s water level stood at 422 feet elevation, which is 13.5 feet higher than it was 5 hours earlier.

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