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Effie Yeaw Nature Center assisted by non-profit group

The Effie Yeaw Nature Center was in rough shape last summer when Sacramento County relinquished control of it because of budget problems.

The nature center was left on its own to find funding, but a non-profit group, the American River Natural History Association, stepped up to the plate.

Through a grassroots fundraising effort, the association was able to raise the money needed to help rescue the center and rehire about 60 percent of the staff that was laid off last year.  Part of that effort included designing and selling guide books for the American River Parkway.

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VIDEO: Authorities consider alcohol ban along American River

Authorities are discussing the possibility of permanently banning alcohol along the American River every day of the year.

Currently, alcohol is prohibited during holidays.

“I don’t know that we’ve reached the point where we have to ruin it for everyone” Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna said. “It would require a joint effort between the state of California – who governs the actual water – and the adjacent acreage is under the oversight of the county.”

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VIDEO: Eppie’s Great Race contestants prepare for Saturday

The 38th Eppie’s Great Race is set for Saturday morning.  The Sacramento-born triathlon features running, bicycling and kayaking.

The race starts with a 5.8 mile run, 12.5 miles on a bicycle, and 6.4 miles racing on the American River in a kayak.

More than 2,000 people participated in 2010.  A similar crowd is expected this year, and registration remains open until 6:30 the morning of the race, near the starting line at the William Pond Recreation area along the American River.

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VIDEO: Social Media spurs “Rafting Gone Wild” event on American River

It was a calm start but things got a bit rowdy for “Rafting Gone Wild.” Toward the end of the day, firefighters treated one woman hurt from mud-wrestling. Firefighters say one man was rescued from the water who’d apparently consumed too much alcohol and may have been suffering from severe hypothermia.

By the end of the day, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s helicopter helped clear people out of Riverbend Park as deputies and Rancho Cordova Police managed crowd control and broke up several fights.

Katie Kennedy of Concord heard about the event on Facebook and said it became a “must do” event for many young people from as far away as San Jose. “Mud Island always calls for a little bit of mud wrestling. It’s just the way it is. Lotta girls wanna get in on it. Kind of the place to be at the time,” she said, referring to so-called Gilligan’s Island along the river where hundreds of kids gathered to party and even mud wrestle.

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VIDEO: Alcohol ban = fewer rescues on American River

A series of dramatic river rescues about 10 days ago may have set the tone for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Some avoided rivers like the American because of the dangers.  But an alcohol ban approved by the State Legislature is getting most of the credit for taking the sizzle out of the 4th..

The loud sounds of a helicopter could be heard moving up and down the American River on Monday.  But it’s what you couldn’t see or hear that made the most striking difference: there was less alcohol on the river.  25-year-old Elizabeth Depelteau was struck by the change.  ”They would get really wasted and everybody would fight and mud wrestle and do all those kinds of things.  It was really scary.”

But there are tradeoffs. Patrol boats from the Sacramento Metro Fire Department gave FOX40’s John Lobertini a front row seat to the cold, fast moving water.  Dam releases from Folsom Lake have slowed, but the river is still moving at double its normal speed.  It’s cold too, a dangerous 52 degrees says Assistant Fire Chief Scott Cockrum.  ”Again, it’s a 50 degree temperature difference between the outside ambient temperature and the water.  It just shocks your body and takes your breath away from you.”

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